Benefitting Marion Senior Services

Car Show

March 23rd, 2024 • 10 am - 2 pm

Southeastern Livestock Pavilion • 2232 NE Jacksonville Road • Ocala, FL

The Event

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The Cause

Marion Senior Services (MSS) is a non-profit organization and the area’s Lead Agency for the Department of Elder Affairs providing services to elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged residents who are age 60 and above. Our pillars of service include nutrition support, in-home non-medical care, and transportation. Daily, we assist our clients with maintaining independence, their ability to age in place with dignity, while remaining safe in their own homes. Named “Non-Profit of the Year 2023”, MSS has proudly served our most vulnerable community for over 50 years.

The Seniors

When Ms. Q contacted our office for help, it was immediately apparent that her request would be about more than just a meal.

Now 89 years of age, Ms. Q will quickly tell you that she’s lived a long good life. Although he passed away just six months earlier, she still beamed about having married the love of her life… her husband of 65 years.

I patiently waited as she took a moment to cry. No words were spoken but the pain of her loss was conveyed. When she regained composer, we went on. She said, “I am just not able to drive”. Frail. Weak and unable to prepare her own food… and “besides”, she said, “I have to stand at the kitchen counter to eat, because I can’t use my walker and take my plate to the table at the same time”.

During my nearly hour-long conversation with Ms. Q, she repeatedly expressed her loneliness and how much she missed her husband who had always been there taking care of things, and most of all, taking care of her. There was no other family. No close friends or neighbors. I tried to comfort her as much as I could.

Ms. Q, and so many others like her in our community, really need more than a meal. She needed to regain a sense of family and I was very glad… and felt privileged, that our agency would be able to help in meeting that need.

Daily, we provide meals… to nutritionally at-risk seniors who are a lot like Ms. Q. It’s more than JUST a meal! Especially for those who are living in isolation… it’s not only about the food; it’s about the knock on the door that says, “someone knows I’m here, and someone cares”. It’s about the smiling face and warm greeting of the driver. It’s about the conversation that can be had… even if just for a few minutes.

One of my favorite quotes says, “The Love of Family, is Life’s Greatest Blessing”. Thanks to your support… not only are we able to be a blessing, but we also become like family to those we serve.

“The Home Meals program from Marion Senior Services has been a Godsend! I really love the meals and appreciate the personal contact with the cheerful lady who delivers my meals. I look forward to the delivery.”

“If it weren’t for the Home Meal program, I don’t know what I would do. It really helps me. The food is delicious.”